It’s not easy being green…

So I did not keep up with making regular posts as I promised myself at the start of the year but I guess that is just the way things go. I must confess that I did buy some things from high street stores in the last few months, which has been a moral battle.

At times this year I have felt very frustrated by the lack of freshness in my wardrobe. Having just gone through an interview process and starting a new job I needed clothes that would give me confidence. So contrary to my previous beliefs I bought a new top for interviews.

This purchase I feel was very necessary and the necessity of it got me thinking on a number of topics. Firstly it is sad that my confidence and on some days my entire mood could be affected by what I am wearing, I have always felt that I dress for myself and I am only pleasing me. But this realisation that how I am perceived from my appearance affects my confidence unnerved me a lot. It is a very complex thing.

And secondly that it is OKAY to occasionally buy things from high street as long as they are something you know you will get the wear out of. Livia Firths’ #30wears campaign emphasises the importance of choosing clothes that you will wear on multiple occasions and to get the most use out of them. It is so common for garments to be bought and then sit in a wardrobe with the tags still on. Given the environmental impact of each garment, this is something that should change.

I therefore now (if I am going to buy something from the high street) ask myself these questions;

  • When will I wear this? – I always try and think of multiple occasions and ways to wear a garment #30wears
  • Does it go with clothes I already have in my wardrobe?
  • Does it have lasting style? – I try not to buy into fleeting trends or things that will be out of fashion quickly
  • Is it too cheap? If so why is this price? – If ever you are not comfortable with a cheap price tag you can ask the brand, in store or email, whether there workers are paid the living wage.
  • What is it made of? – Checking the composition can help you understand the quality of the item and may identify contents that you would not agree with like duck down or angora.

If I am unsure about a purchase, the best trick is to put it back on the hanger and leave the shop. If you think about it afterwards and you do think it would be appropriate for your need and you would feel good to buy it then it is usually a good idea. However it is also likely that you may not think about it at all, completely forget about it in fact. Which means if you were to buy it, you would probably bring it home and leave it in your wardrobe, which is both a waste of the world’s resources and your own hard earned cash.


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