Continuing Conscious Consuming in 2017

Unfortunately I did not stick to my word and I have not been posting regularly here about my quest to avoid unethical and unsustainable apparel stores for the rest of 2016. However I am extremely pleased to say that despite my lack of posts I have in fact successfully achieved my goal and had a lot of fun in doing so. From May 2016 when I set out not to buy any garment from a high street store until now I have avoided shopping at high street stores… this also included buying Christmas presents which was a great challenge!

I have shopped in charity shops, on ebay and in various vintage stores, and I purchased many items of clothing which I now treasure and I hope to keep for a long time. I have avoided impulse buys and consequently I am more attached to each item. As well as the way I have been shopping I have also been careful to take care of my clothes sustainably washing at low temperatures and making amendments and repairs where necessary.

For example the zip on my favourite rucksack broke instead of it going in the bin I spend a few pounds on a new zip, replaced it and it is as good as new therefore adding several months of use to the bag.

For 2017 I plan to do more research into how brands are tackling environmental and ethical issues. Something which has proved to be really challenging is finding basics; underwear, socks, tights, plain T-shirts, etc. and finding them at reasonable price. Affordable ethical basics is something I strive to discover this year.

I will also be posting about other issues surrounding the fashion industry as well as my journey to becoming a conscious consumer.


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