alternative shopping

Recently I have felt more and more unsettled and almost guilty whenever I have made a purchase of a High Street item therefore I am already evolving my consumer habits to be more ethically minded. These notions have led me to consider setting myself the challenge of totally avoiding High Street fashion for the rest of 2016.

Setting myself this goal will help lead me to carry out my own research into fashion sustainability, the fashion system, consumer culture and viable alternatives to fast fashion.

Firstly I need to lay out some guidelines and aims, (I will explore these in more depth further on)

  • I intend on not purchasing any item of apparel from any high street retailer, unless I have evidence of sustainable and ethical production.
  • I am able to shop second hand at charity shops, vintage or online.
  • Any new items that I buy will need to come from sustainable fashion brands, either that produce in the UK or have certification that the production method is ethical.
  • I am aiming to only buy items that I truly need i.e. serve a function or that I really really want and will treasure. Each buy will be carefully considered.
  • Emphasis will be placed on not buying needlessly.

As sustainable fashion is a highly complex thing, there are many problems which are multilayered, I am going to attempt to research these issues and attempt to provide solutions to some.

I will also aim to maintain and develop my individual style rather than buying into trends. This is a way of reducing the amount of items which you can only wear for one season.

This will also include any gifts I decide to buy, which may mean christmas is a challenge! I will take the opportunity to use these rules to get creative!


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