I have always found a conflict in two of my strongest passions; environmentalism and Textiles Design. When choosing a Fashion and Textiles degree I worried that it was a shallow choice and that I wouldn’t have enough of a positive impact on the world, feeling as though I would be sucked into the shallow unethical realm which surrounds the fashion industry. But I love the art of fashion, the self expression, the way a person can convey themselves through their clothes.

The more I have learned about the fashion industry the more faults I see in its system, a complex web of social, ethical and environmental issues has been spun all to prioritise below the corporate greed of fast fashion companies.

I am by no means a writer, but I feel for the moment that I am in need of expressing my concerns with the current fashion system. In this blog I intend to investigate the main issues within the fashion industry. Looking into problems such as consumer culture, the many negative environmental impacts, innovative fibres, the supply chain and fair trade. As well as this I will also be posting updates of fashion alternatives to shopping on the high street, over the past few months I have been actively avoiding high street stores, buying only vintage, second hand or from sustainable brands. This is proving to be quite a challenge but I intend on keeping it up at least until the end of 2016.



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